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Sustainability... what exactly is it? 

It would come as no surprise that the first thing that comes to mind with this term is an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions to sustain life on our planet. While it's true - carbon neutrality is only one area of sustainability... the full definition is

being able to maintain the same level over a period of time

It's great to see the efforts of our governments and NGOs to combat the climate change. Implementing new rules and regulations has already put us on the right path for a better future. 

But what about it's effect on businesses and people? 

This risk runs in long-term plans of each company worldwide, affecting the level of investments & innovation, but also ability to compete in a tougher world than ever before. 

What can we do? 

To be sustainable, not only do we need to take good care of our planet - but also our business. Designing a new sustainable business model, finding new processes that work is hard, knowing that with the standard risks also comes also the inevitable future. 

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